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Clothes, cakes, candles and creations.


It seems like is time for everyone to create their own business. It makes me really happy and proud when I see my friends and family doing so well by their own. I wanted to share with you some pictures of my sisters new Nikem Creations. Of course I also want to share with you Pitipua Vintage Summer collection and photos. I know summer is almost over but I completely forgot to write about this… the fall collection is coming out soon!

Nikem Creations

Pitipua Vintage

Pitipua Vintage


It’s been a month since I posted something in the blog :(, I have been extremely busy with work plus I’m moving :). I wanted to share with you the website I am working on for one of my best friends/Apt.12 Studio Client Pitipua Vintage. We still working on it and the store should be ready soon. Here are some screenshots of the web and you can visit PITIPUA VINTAGE for more.



Here are some pictures of my home-made costume.

Halloween Costume


I finally decided what to wear for Halloween, I don’t want to have the most creative costume and I don’t want people stopping me to take pictures. Two years ago my friends and I were the Scooby Doo Gang and I came up pretty cool but everybody stopped us for pictures. It was cool but I didn’t enjoy the night as I wanted to. So, this year I decided to be a home-made villain. I already bought the mask, I only need the coat everything else I have at my house. Here’s my 5 min sketch of my costume, is a mix of The Spirit with Green Hornet.