This is how I feel today…

Album Art!

After working on my thesis for college about album art and music packaging, it became one of my obsessions. While working on my thesis I found about Invisible Creature. An amazing studio nominated for 4 Grammy Awards in the music packaging category. Their work is impeccable and beautiful. Here are a couple of my favorite designs from their portfolio.


Check out Invisible Creature at


Of Montreal Ft. Solange Knowles “Sex Karma”


I haven’t listen to the new Of Montreal album “False Priest” but I’m in love with this song. I don’t really know Solange’s music but I like her style and voice in this video.

Is My Birthday!

I’m turning 22 years old today. I just wanted to share my plans for tonight with everyone… 🙂

La Casa Azul

I recently discover this band after watching the spanish film “Yo Tambien.” A  pretty good film with great acting and a innovative story.