Blog – Paris vs New York

Blog – Paris vs New York Paris vs. New York is an adorable graphic-art blog by Vahram Muratyan — cofounder of ViiiZ Art Direction + Graphic Design Studio. I love Myratyan’s playful, usually humorous comparisons of two of the world’s most fashionable cities. … Read More

Getting Ready… (via )

Getting Ready... Hi Everyone, Halloween is over and we are really excited about November. We are working on some projects for an event that we are participating in, on the 13th of these month. It is going to be an amazing night, we will be selling handmade duck tape wallets and illustrations as well as promoting Apt. 12 Studio. We will be posting the exact details of the event soon. For the moment here is a sneak peak of what we are going to show. … Read More




Here are some pictures of my home-made costume.



So, here’s a sneak peak on how the flyer is looking. The flyer is for an event Apt. 12 Studio is having in November, once we confirm I’ll let you all know. Thanks! 🙂

Modern British Sculpture


Beautiful work and amazing layout from Harry Pearce, a Pentagram partner designer.

For more information visit, Pentagram

Halloween Costume


I finally decided what to wear for Halloween, I don’t want to have the most creative costume and I don’t want people stopping me to take pictures. Two years ago my friends and I were the Scooby Doo Gang and I came up pretty cool but everybody stopped us for pictures. It was cool but I didn’t enjoy the night as I wanted to. So, this year I decided to be a home-made villain. I already bought the mask, I only need the coat everything else I have at my house. Here’s my 5 min sketch of my costume, is a mix of The Spirit with Green Hornet.

Flyer References


I’m working on a flyer for my studio Apt. 12 and I wanted to share with you a couple of the references I found while doing research. I’m really excited about this flyer, I’ll upload some sketches later on this week.