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Cultura Profética


I went to the Bayside Rock Festival this past weekend where Cultura Profética played as one of the opening bands. They only played like 7 seven song but I reminded me why I love them so much. Their music, lyrics and personalities are just unique. I have been listening to “Rimas pa’ seducir”  from their new album “La Dulzura” the entire day. Here’s a video of Willy singing it in 2009.

Juana – Bomba Estereo


I listened to Bomba Estereo for the first time last year while I was spending the Summer in NY. I didn’t like them at the beginning because they substituted Bebe when she cancelled her presentation at the Central Park Summer Stage. I was and still dying to see Bebe in concert. The presentation was really good and the singer Liliana Saumet has that connection with the public that lot of artist don’t have. This week I listened to them again and I have been listening to the song “Juana” for the last couple of days. This songs makes me laugh and wakes me up plus is really catchy. I played it yesterday while I was working with my partners in Apt. 12 Studio and they kept singing it the entire night. Here’s a video from last summer presentation at the Central Park Summer Stage.

Yo, tambien


I just read that the the Festival of New Spanish Cinema starts today, until October 28th. They are showing the movie “Yo, tambien” and the soundtrack was made by La Casa Azul. I posted the song from the movie in one of my earlier posts and here’s the trailer for the movie. I watched the movie a couple of weeks ago and it is a really good movie, the characters are well developed and the story is sad but happy at the same time. If you have the opportunity go and check it out. I wanted to go to the festival but I’ll be out of town 🙂

Here’s the link for the festival  CCE MIAMI

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – El Juidero

Buenos Dias,

I really like Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, it just wakes me up. Perfect music if you have to spend the whole night working. Here’s the video for “El Juidero” directed by Noelia Quintero, who also directed “La Hora de Volve”. Check it out.

Rita Indiana

Wow! My best friend just introduced me to Rita Indiana’s music this past weekend. I knew about Miti Miti, one of her earlier projects, but never really pay attention to it. I love Rita y Los Misterios, the lyrics, the music, the coreography and the videos they are really cool and innovative. Here’s a video and song I like.

This article in Negrophonic is really good… Read More

Album Art!

After working on my thesis for college about album art and music packaging, it became one of my obsessions. While working on my thesis I found about Invisible Creature. An amazing studio nominated for 4 Grammy Awards in the music packaging category. Their work is impeccable and beautiful. Here are a couple of my favorite designs from their portfolio.


Check out Invisible Creature at


Of Montreal Ft. Solange Knowles “Sex Karma”


I haven’t listen to the new Of Montreal album “False Priest” but I’m in love with this song. I don’t really know Solange’s music but I like her style and voice in this video.