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Let’s Print This Logo!


After watching a couple of tutorials, two attempts and almost burning my room down trying to screen-print some designs. I think that my technique is getting better using my screen-printer beginners kit. I just put together my screen and it’s inside a drawer (yes, solutions are kind of home-made) to let the photo emulsion do it’s magic. Tomorrow I’ll print a new logo that I just finish designing for my new organization/project, more details coming soon! (sorry for the speedball promo)

Vote for ME!


I submitted my portfolio for a competition to go to NY. Help me make it to the big city!



Pitipua Vintage


It’s been a month since I posted something in the blog :(, I have been extremely busy with work plus I’m moving :). I wanted to share with you the website I am working on for one of my best friends/Apt.12 Studio Client Pitipua Vintage. We still working on it and the store should be ready soon. Here are some screenshots of the web and you can visit PITIPUA VINTAGE for more.

Suicide Hair


For some reason I find this super funny. “Renaxil. Anti-hair loss treatment.” by Camisa10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vintage Twitter


“Vintage Twitter. An original that sticks! They are twittastic! We have twittered for 30 years, but in our own way.” Post-It celebrates their 30 year anniversary with this clever homage to Twitter.

Moustaches Make a Difference


Amazing campaign by TBWA Singapore. Visit the Website

“Moustaches Make A Difference. This month, help us support prostate cancer research by growing a moustache. If you can’t get grow one, get one at Make a Difference, and encourage your friends to donate.

Feel Right at Home!


Flyers are finally here, they came pretty cool. Here’s a scan of the final product. Don’t forget to stop by and support Apt. 12 Studio on Saturday, Nov. 13 from 6:30 to 10:30 PM at the Wynwood Art Walk.